Fuel level sensor

up to 40% fuel economy
Own production
Less than 1% error
This is a measuring device that shows the amount of fuel in the tank. The device is part of GPS/GLONASS monitoring systems, being an excellent solution for carriers and other companies working with cargo transportation

MONTRANS fuel level sensor (FLS)

The fuel level sensor is a high-tech product of MONTRANS.
FLS is used in monitoring systems and is an irreplaceable tool for monitoring fuel consumption. The sensor is designed to detect the level of liquid fuel (gasoline, diesel or other non-conductive liquid) in fuel tanks and in stationary tanks.

FLS allows you to get reliable information about the current amount of fuel, consumption, and identify facts of theft of fuel from the tank. The sensor is used in conjunction with equipment that supports data exchange and processing of analog and digital signals. The sensor additionally measures the ambient temperature, as well as monitors the performance of the internal circuits for self-diagnosis.
The error of the results obtained does not exceed 1%
Powered by the vehicle electrical system with a rated voltage of 12 or 24 V
Installed in fuel tanks of all types of equipment
Suitable for tanks with a depth of 100 mm to 6 meters
Works with various brands of gasoline, summer (winter) diesel fuel, as well as other liquid petroleum products
Durable, vandal-proof housing, power consumption no more than 0.4 W

Sensor advantages

Датчик топлива ГЛОНАСС
Affordable price
The fuel consumption control sensor can be installed on various types of equipment
From dump trucks and special equipment to diesel power plants and locomotives
Установка датчика уровня топлива
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