Fuel monitoring via CAN-tire

Controller Area Network (CAN)
Minimal installation and maintenance costs
Connects without interfering with the auto contact network
Connecting to the CAN tire allows you to get a lot of parameters for fuel control and vehicle operation modes without interfering with the operation of units and systems. The minimal possibility of intervention by the driver is an important feature of this method
Collection of complete information about the operation of the car

What is CAN?

In most cases, installing a capacitive fuel level sensor in passenger cars is a difficult task. The design features of the body do not allow you to insert the FLS in the fuel tank. In such cases, onboard GLONASS/GPS satellite monitoring controllers are connected to the vehicle's CAN tire.

The abbreviation CAN is derived from the phrase: Controller Area Network.

Modern cars and trucks are equipped with CAN-tires. The CAN tire provides two-way communication with various devices, so that they can be controlled and instantly receive information about their status.

With the development of telematics technologies, CAN-based solutions have been developed for remote interaction with vehicles. For example, for remote diagnostics, car security, and satellite monitoring.
Advantages of the controller:

▸Connects to any vehicle with a CAN tire
▸Minimal installation and maintenance costs
▸Collecting complete information about the vehicle's operation
▸Does not interfere with the operation of standard equipment
▸Connects without interfering with the vehicle's contact network
▸Remote configuration and change of firmware
▸Technical support for the entire service life

Information about fuel consumption and fuel level is transmitted to the satellite monitoring system from the vehicle's onboard computer via the CAN tire. The computer itself receives fuel data from a standard sensor installed in the tank by the manufacturer.

Using the MONTRANS controller, you can easily configure the flow of information from various sensors to the monitoring system and analyze it using electronic reports. For example, you can get data about opening/closing doors, using seat belts, and the temperature in the refrigerator.
Контроль топлива по can шине
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