GPS \ GLONASS terminal Montrans M-5

Wide range of ready-made solutions
Own production
The latest development with maximum functionality and improved technical characteristics. Thanks to external GLONASS/GPS and GSM antennas, the terminal provides a wide range of readings with a high degree of accuracy.
Long warranty period
Terminals allow you to remotely receive information about the operation of equipment and fully control the activities of the fleet.

Using MONTRANS solutions, managers of transport companies can significantly simplify the control of the company's equipment and achieve an economic effect of up to 30%.
▸Vehicle condition monitoring
▸Control of its location and movements
▸Control mileage and fuel consumption
▸Calculating engine hours
▸Driving style definitions (EcoDriving)

Montrans M-5 is designed for:

▸ Fixing an accident event
▸ RFID tag readers
▸ Temperature control using the temperature sensor.
▸ Remote control of connected devices and vehicle systems, such as sirens, engine locking systems, and doors.
Спутниковый терминал ГЛОНАСС\GPS Montrans M-5
Montrans M-5 is perfect for:
глонасс на ДЭС
Diesel power plants
глонасс на тепловоз
Diesel locomotive
мониторинг транспорта
Freight transport
глонасс на трактор
Special equipment
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