Semi-trailer door status monitoring

Reduces the cost of maintaining the set temperature inside the refrigeration unit
Helps prevent unauthorized entry into the van
Monitoring the opening of the doors of a van, trailer, or car using sensors makes it possible to track online the time and coordinates of the opening of the doors of a cargo trailer or compartment. The control system is used to record information about the period of loading or unloading operations, and also excludes cases of sabotage and unauthorized access.
The most important element of satellite monitoring of cargo transport is checking the condition of semi-trailer doors.

This MONTRANS solution helps prevent unauthorized entry into the van and thus prevents theft and damage to the cargo. In the case of refrigerators, monitoring allows you to control the opening and closing of doors and thereby reduce the cost of maintaining a set temperature inside the refrigeration unit.
The main element of the system is the door opening sensors.

The sensors are connected directly to the GLONASS/GPS satellite monitoring terminal, which transmits data about the position of the doors to the server. The sensor is a limit switch. It has compact dimensions. Dust-proof, waterproof, oil-resistant.
Датчик открывания двери ГЛОНАСС
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