Additional sensors

The main parameters of vehicle monitoring: location, distance travelled, and fuel consumption. But for a complete picture of how the machines work, several other indicators are required.
The installation of additional sensors allows you to achieve complete transparency in the activities of the fleet and receive analytical reports on the company's performance.
Мониторинг транспорта
Speed Limitation Devices are an effective tool for ensuring road safety. ADR (Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road) is an international agreement adopted in Europe more than 50 years ago. The document defines the rules for the transport of dangerous goods on the territory of European countries.
In Russia, this type of cargo is transported in accordance with Regulations relating to the transport of dangerous goods.

According to foreign and Russian standards, speed limit devices must be installed on vehicles carrying dangerous goods weighing more than 3.5 tons, as well as on vehicles for transporting children. For example, trucks have a limit of 90 km/h, while children's buses have a limit of 60 km/h.

The principle of operation: the device reduces the fuel supply until the speed of the car decreases to the set value. Traffic police officers can check the presence of the SLD, its compliance with the requirements of the regulations, sealing and certification. MONTRANS specialists install high-quality equipment, which will save carriers from many problems in the future.

Speed Limitation Device (SLD)

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Onboard weight control systems are one of the most modern ways to weigh cargo without using control scales and other equipment with similar functionality.

Montrans axle load sensors help: simplify cargo weighing during loading and unloading operations, eliminate "loss" of cargo during transportation, exclude the unplanned trips, exclude the transportation of unaccounted goods, prevent increased wear and breakage of parts due to overloading

Axle load monitoring can be used on all types of suspensions: mechanical (spring), hydraulic, and pneumatic. Correct axle load distribution avoids large fines. For example, for exceeding the permitted weight by 50%, a legal entity, including an individual entrepreneur, may be fined up to 500 thousand rubles

Axle load sensor

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The engine hours monitoring sensor is used for monitoring the status (operation/stop) of engines and other mechanisms.

The device cannot be "deceived". The uniqueness of the motor hour monitoring sensor is that vibration is a sign of operation. The sensor analyzes the amplitude-frequency characteristic of the vibration of the started engine, and based on this determines the fact of its operation.

The wireless sensor saves the received data about the operation/stop of the mechanism in its own non-volatile archive or transmits it to the terminal. Within the framework of the MONTRANS transport monitoring and fuel control system, a solution has been developed that will allow you to determine when the equipment is running at idle, and when it is under load.

Engine hours monitoring sensor

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One of the most important parameters when transporting perishable goods is the temperature inside the van.

The sensor measures temperatures in the range from -55 to +80°C with high accuracy. This information, along with navigation information, is transmitted in real time via the GSM network to the MONTRANS cloud service.
The software continuously reads parameters, providing extensive remote monitoring capabilities.

The driver, dispatcher, and company manager can simultaneously control the temperature in the isothermal chamber. When agreed, the customer can also monitor compliance with the rules of cargo transportation.

Temperature sensor

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The controller constantly monitors the roll-tilt angles and transmits data about the work of special equipment to the cloud service. In addition, the use of such devices helps to significantly improve the safety of operation of moving mechanisms.

For example, a sensor mounted on the boom of an excavator or a crane transmits information: how many manipulations were performed, the number of lifts, the duration of work and the time of stops.

The controller on the dump truck platform tracks the number of lifts of the body and the duration of loading and unloading.

The company manager will always know where, when, and how long the equipment was working. The measured value range is from 0 to 180 degrees in three coordinate axes. Tilt angle sensors operate at temperatures from -60 to + 85 °C.

Sensor of actuating mechanisms operation

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A very important indicator in the refrigerator monitoring system is the time and place when the doors are opened.

The opening of the isothermal chamber gives an understanding of where and for how long loading and unloading was performed. Therefore, in order to obtain more accurate information about the conditions of transportation, sensors for opening and closing doors are installed along with temperature sensors.

Monitoring the condition of the doors helps to maintain the set temperature in the body and deliver the cargo in proper quality and without loss.

Door opening/closing sensor

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