Tire pressure monitoring

Up to 42 wheels can be monitored
Real-time tire pressure and temperature monitoring
Knowing your tire pressure is very important for safe driving, fuel consumption and to reduce the cost of repairing your chassis.
Montrans integrated solutions allow you to track this parameter and warn you when it changes.
Automatic recording of the last 10 critical readings
Мониторинг транспорта
Low pressure increases the deformation of the tire. During the movement, it heats up more than it should. The extreme tread tracks are subjected to increased wear, and sometimes the integrity of the carcass is violated. Fuel consumption increases.

In addition, if you get into a road pit, the probability of damage to both the disc and the tire at low pressure is always higher than at nominal pressure

In the case of increased pressure, the cord threads are overstretched, and the wear of the middle part of the tread increases. When driving on a bad road, all the impacts that are transmitted to the suspension and body become more noticeable for the driver. And if you get into a pit, the probability of a tire break increases.
But most dangerous of all are the consequences is uneven pressure in all tires of the tractor and semi-trailer. The vehicle is always trying to get out of the way when driving. Wheels with the lowest pressure provoke sideways movement. In such cases, there is a high probability of getting into an accident, which can lead to irreparable consequences and to large material losses.

Not so long ago, drivers had to manually check the pressure in all tires, which took a long time and the readings were not always accurate. Today, MONTRANS solutions help fleets get rid of this headache. Tire pressure sensors transmit readings to the MONTRANS terminal, and from it the data is sent to the display in the car's cab and to the cloud service, where the company's management can monitor the situation with all vehicles.
Advantages of tire pressure monitoring
✔ Large informative display
✔ Real-time tire pressure and temperature monitoring
✔ Ability to monitor up to 42 wheels
✔ Visual notification of critical parameters of wheel condition
✔ Automatic recording of the last 10 critical readings
By the way, in Europe, tire pressure monitoring systems are mandatory equipment and without this component of monitoring, the vehicle will not pass certification.