Online vehicle tracking

At present in-car video tracking is a real trend for fleet management. It is the ultimate solution to monitor location and movement history, control route performance, prevent theft and fraud.
видеомониторинг транспорта
Мониторинг транспорта
Online vehicle tracking equipment allows to monitor location and movement history, control route performance, prevent theft and fraud.

Dashcams in public transport or taxi cars notify drivers about open doors, traffic violations, and other dangerous situations whilst on the road.

Video tracking solutions are often installed on training vehicles for capturing everything on the road, controlling trainers and trainees during examinations.

MONTRANS video monitoring automatically reports and anticipates what's happening on the road, and cranks up the level of control in the whole.
видеомониторинг транспорта

Key benefits of the MONTRANS vehicle tracking

✔ Controls the state of vehicles, drivers and freights
✔ Reduces fuel costs, controls route, and working hours
✔ Never misses a single moment 24/7 in any part of the world using any device with the Internet access
✔ Decreases risks at working with vehicles and at transferring freight
✔ Helps analyse driver behaviour and educate drivers
✔ Takes on the task of continuous oversight of all the cameras
✔ Stores files in the cloud service
✔ Serves as an evidence base for controversial issues

Video monitoring kits

Видеомониторинг ГЛОНАСС\GPS
Technological breakthrough in the field of digital fleet management. Development of MONTRANS DVR, an intelligent system for driver's assistance, allows online monitoring of driver's actions and state.
✔ It discovers driver's absence, distraction, phone chatting, smoking, and fatigue
✔ MDVR displays data in the form of pictures showing all the above-mentioned issues
✔ Performs PCW (Pedestrian Collision Warning), FCW (Forward Collision Warning), and LDW (Lane Departure Warning) functions
Vehicle video tracking monitors and transfers all this data to the archive. Here it can be viewed at any time convenient. Facts for investigating emergency situations, documenting violations, theft cases, property damage, and the quality of the work performed.
✔ Automatic upload of video materials when configured actions occur, for example, when opening doors
Видеомониторинг ГЛОНАСС\GPS
✔ Recording period after starting a vehicle can be customized for monitoring situation at stops
✔ Request for a video footage over a particular period of time, when some situation came up
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