MONTRANS partners

World leader in business-analytics with over 50,000 customers around the globe. It is the only platform on the market that allows open research for every user with any level of knowledge and skills. Qlik contributes to developing efficient business solutions, profitability, and optimisation of customer relations.
Since 2020, MONTRANS has been official OEM partner of Qlik in Russia and the CIS. MONTRANS Analytics is based on Qlik BI-platform.
Being a partner of MONTRANS, the mobile operator provides technological support in the matters of M2M-communications all over the world. TELIA delivers cutting edge services and reliable mobile communication around the globe. It is used for GLONASS/GPS trackers and specialized MONTRANS solutions, its main goal being to transfer data from the monitored object to the processing server.
The developer of the Omnicomm Online digital fleet management solution and the absolute leader in the realms of fuel consumption measurement.
Leading help-desk system providing enterprise solutions from experts in designing and automating service processes. Based on the experience of 10000+ international service businesses across Russia, the CIS, Europe, and South America.
One of the global chief players in digital fleet management. Nowadays Gurtam occupies about 36% of the CIS commercial carrier market and is actively expanding to Europe, the Middle East, the USA, South America, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. 
The company has more than 17 years of best practice in telematics development. Its headquarters is located in Minsk and sales offices — in Moscow, Boston, Dubai, and Buenos Aires. 
Gurtam solutions are used by thousands of companies worldwide: either pizza delivery and taxi pools or oil corporations and secret services. Since 2015, MONTRANS has been a user of the Wialon platform, designed by Gurtam.