Remote control of DGU and DPP is carried out using special monitoring and control systems that allow you to quickly receive information about the state of the installation and manage it remotely. This can be useful when the DGU or DPP is located at remote sites or when the operator cannot be near the plant.
System scalability
Remote control DGU
Online statistics for many parameters
Remote monitoring and control system for diesel generators and diesel power plants.
GPS\GLONASS terminal
Universal Automation Controller
Digital fuel gauge
Fuel volume indicator
Engine hour sensor with acoustic sensor
Engine Lock Relay

The system allows to build the process of remote On-line monitoring of operational parameters of DGU, namely:

Prevent failures and breakdowns of DGU. In order to avoid burnout of the voltage regulator and power generators, display in On-line mode the parameters responsible for the phase load distribution. (phase powers, phase currents, phase voltage), to receive and display in real time the parameters of the occurred overload of the DGU more than 80% of the rated power.
Maintain control over the timeliness of maintenance and repair
Receive and display in On-line mode the parameters responsible for the total operating time, the total amount of electricity issued in kW (active and reactive power)
Receive timely notifications of accidents in the operation of the DGU (Emergency stop, power surge, overheating of the generator winding)
Provides control over the output power in units time to determine the effectiveness of the use of DGU in operation
Increase the efficiency of using diesel generator sets and diesel power plants
Automate the process of perception of dependence on the operation of the DGU with a load of less than 50% of the maximum power.
control of diesel generator sets
Q - reactive power
P - active power
i1,i2,i3 - phase currents
u1n,u2n,u3n - phase voltages
u12,u23,u31 - linear voltages

Decryption of parameters

Monitoring of diesel generator sets provides the possibility of remote control and management of the backup power supply system. Using this solution, you will be able to control the DGU from anywhere in the world, analyze data on fuel consumption and the operation of additional equipment, and quickly respond to emergency situations.

An example of a report on displaying the operating parameters of a diesel generator set

S - full power
PF - Power Factor (PF) is a complex indicator. It characterizes the linear and non-linear distortions of the voltage and current waveform of the mains, which are caused by the influence of the load (eg UPS). In order to calculate PF, it is necessary to compare the absorbed load of active power and the total load.
Each time before turning off the diesel power plant, there is a load surge (uneven in phases), the voltage regulator tries to compensate for the inequality, raises the voltage in phase L3 above the norm (252 V) and turns it off in an accident.

An example of tracking a failure in the operation of a generator set

DGU (DES) error report
Fuel consumption
ICE revolutions
ICE temperature
Oil pressure
Phase Voltage
Generator Frequency

Received data via Modbus in Omnicomm Online

Fuel consumption can be monitored both via the CAN bus and using digital fuel level sensors

Diesel Generator Controller

Additionally, the controller can be equipped with various expansion modules. The controller is programmed based on the model of the DGS control controllers and also collects and transmits data on the technological and operational parameters of the DGS to the platform. From the control controller, it is possible to receive data both on the mechanical part (ICE) and on the electrical part (Generator)

Universal Automation Controller - MONTRANS DGC

Universal Automation Controller - MONTRANS DGC

As a result of the implementation of the monitoring system, the owners of DGU receive:

DES generator operation control
The introduction of the MONTRANS telematics system gives the client the opportunity to remotely control the operation of the diesel generator. The application is installed on the customer's smartphone or computer, which allows not only to receive information about the state of the DPP, but also to start and stop the engine. In the settings, alarm events are set, when triggered, a message is sent to the client. In addition, the monitoring system generates reports on changes in various parameters of the diesel generator set.
— remote operational control of the state and parameters of the power plant
— blocking the engine
— exclusion of theft of fuel and lubricants
— exclusion of misuse of mobile diesel generators
— elimination of equipment downtime
— reduction of fuel purchase costs by up to 50%
— improving the safety of the power plant