Fuel consumption management

From small tanks to large tanks
Fuel consumption management is seen as a matter of utmost priority among fleet managers. The point is, these are fuel costs that occupy the largest place in transport expenses. We strongly recommend optimising your performance efficiency based on the fuel consumption control system.
Мониторинг транспорта

Fuel level sensor

Датчики уровня топлива LLS
FLS are installed into gasoline tanks, which transfer data on fuel level and its consumption to the fleet management system. Consolidating this information, one may not just anticipate or calculate resources used but predict the mode of operation for vehicles, reduce cases of misuse.
On-board devices transfer data on fuel level and its consumption to the system of satellite-based monitoring using CAN-BUS. To the computer itself, information comes from the sensor installed into the tanks by manufacturers. Consumption tracking of any fuel type gets simple and cheap if you use a CAN-BUS.

Fuel tanker trucks control

Fuel control system allows keeping a record of resources received by the tanker at fuel yards, accounting for fuel delivery, as well as monitoring technical indicators. This will save impressive amounts of money for the business and ensure safety during the transportation of hazardous goods.

Satellite-based GLONASS/GPS monitoring systems have been developed to ensure effective monitoring of fuel tankers in real time.
Контроль топлива на топливозаправщиках
There exist numbers of ways to maintain control over fuel consumption, refuellings and drains. However, often certain design features won't let experts set in a fuel level sensor.

Besides, sometimes installation turns out to be an unviable option in a matter of money. Where it happens, standard FLS serve as a way out.
ГЛОНАСС к штатному датчику топлива
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