Advanced equipment for all your fleet management needs

Never lose track of your assets with the MONTRANS equipment for fuel management, vehicle monitoring & analytics

GPS/GLONASS trackers

Remote control devices for monitoring the performance of mobile objects. Devices receive location data through capturing signals of satellite-based systems GLONASS/GPS.

On-board trackers transfer the information concerning location, driving style, traffic rule violations and others to the company sever. Our team of MONTRANS experts is waiting to answer your questions and help you chose the right GPS/GLONASS tracker.
Глонасс терминал Монтранс

Fuel management

Датчик уровня топлива - Монтранс
Frequent fuel underfills, fraudulent cheques, drainings — most managers are well-acquainted with all these issues.

The main aim of fuel management equipment is to handle related problems, bringing transparency into business processes. Labour discipline among drivers improves, thus creating a better atmosphere for performing one's core duties.

GLONASS/GPS video trackers

Video monitoring of vehicles and stationary objects ensures control over things regardless of where and under what conditions units operate.

Facts used for investigating controversial matters, violation recordings, theft and property damage, quality of the work performed — this and other data video tracking system transmits to dispatchers. Afterwards, all information gets archived and can be reached out at any time convenient.

Semitrailer control

Today trailer noses serve as a vital component in haulage system and remain a subject for satellite tracking.

Control over semitrailers is performed in many respects such as fuel consumption, amount of machine-hours, axle load, tire pressure, opened/closed doors, refrigerator temperature monitoring and cooling unit control. Gaining such insight, managers realise which steps would lead their business to prosperity and success.
Контроль полуприцепа

MONTRANS fuel metering sensor

Never before has the fuel consumption cycle been so manageable and crystal-clear.

FMS is an advanced system for controlling and managing fuel. It provides simple, intuitive fleet reports on every detail thus helping business uncover vital cost-saving opportunities.
Контроль учёта топлива (КУТ МОНТРАНС)


Location, distance overcome and fuel consumed serve as a baseline for fleet management. Still, viewing a complete paper trail of activities for every asset requires additional metrics. Installation of supplementary sensors makes fleet activity transparent and ensures analytical reports, reflecting business efficiency.
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