Data validation

Discover the impact of a unique IT solution by our engineers — MONTRANS Robot. It brings data as close as possible to reality.

This is a solution meaning that every detail is being constantly recorded into the cloud, ready to be extracted at a moment's notice. Robot collects data 24/7 on a daily basis.
Валидация данных в мониторинге транспорта
Accurate data 365 days a year
Мониторинг транспорта
Reviewing of fuel management: drains and refuelings, connected with the service profile of the vehicle

Adjustment of the navigation and service data: bearings, inaccurate mileage, dead engine whilst on the road, and so on

Troubleshooting issues like lack of GPS, FLS setback, insufficience of data on the remote facilities
Data validation in digital fleet management
Our vehicle tracking reporting system generates reports automatically based on over 20 algorithms for uncovering inaccurate data. As a result, the readings are validated and users get only real and trustworthy insights, with the precision close to 100%. This information is ulteriorly used in various accounting systems like ERP or SAP.
This solution covers several aspects: