Омникомм онлайн
Real-time transport monitoring service. Omnicomm Online closely monitors the work of drivers and the fleet, prevents misuse of transport, improves driving safety and controls fuel consumption.
The multifaceted capabilities of the Omnicomm Online system allow you to monitor all aspects of your fleet and get accurate data about them in a timely manner. It is impossible to hide something from the system, it will record any action related to transport (or its absence).
montrans online
✔ The most accurate fuel consumption data, thanks to a unique filtering algorithm
✔ Omnicomm Online is easily integrated into enterprise workflows and integrates with 1C and ERP systems
✔ Omnicomm Online web-based transport monitoring service works via any device with Internet access
✔ No need to install it on a PC and train employees to maintain it
Монтранс онлайн
Монтранс онлайн
Мониторинг транспорта