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Track every detail about your vehicles and equipment using complex satellite-based fleet management solutions by MONTRANS

Fleet management

MONTRANS fleet management solution uncovers cost-saving opportunities and increases efficiency. Track all of your fleet data including routes, performance history, fuel consumption, motor hours, speed, and so on.

MONTRANS offers digital fleet management solutions, ensuring total control over vehicles and keeping an eye on drivers 24/7.
Wide range of ready-to-use solutions
Мониторинг транспорта ГЛОНАСС\GPS
Fleet automation
Cloud services

Video monitoring

Total control is of crucial importance if we speak about freight and passenger vehicles. Video monitoring provides ample opportunities for their management.

Equipment, which is installed on trucks, allows real-time visibility into driver's activity, ensuring freights are safe and remain in the right place, preventing frauds and route deviations.

Unbiased data for further analysis
Driver discipline improvement
Real-time video tracking

Up until recently, it was hardly real to control fuel consumption without losses. These processes lacked transparency. Besides, there was no centralized accounting, and all the data was recorded for each unit separately.

Neither frequent reviews nor security services could deal with fuel theft. Whereas in some cases culprits managed to steal up to 50% of fuel. However, that was before Fuel management entered the game.
Fuel quality and vendor control
Топливный баланс
Elimination of losses and drains
Reducing expenses on spreadsheets and papers

Safe driving

Driver safety system is a complex and universal solution, one of the modules of MONTRANS. ONLINE
Safe driving module is responsible for controlling and analyzing a person's driving style and sending on-the-spot notifications in case of violations.
Control of driving style
Безопасное вождение ГЛОНАСС\GPS
Reduced vehicle wear
Reduced accident rates
Unique solution, giving an opportunity to manage costs effectively, gain visibility into fleet operations, and take only impactful actions.
MONTRANS. ANALYTICS gathers data from various systems of digital fleet monitoring.

The software processes great data volumes and analyzes the outcome. Managers receive detailed reporting with the most important metrics and charts.

Information on telemetry, fleet, drivers, waybills, fuel, and maintenance is integrated into one accounting system.
Analytical graphs for any metrics
Аналитика транспортного предприятия
Haulage business analytics
Simplifying financial management process



Data validation

Discover the impact of a unique IT solution by our engineers — MONTRANS Robot.

With its assistance digital fleet management achieves maximum accuracy. MONTRANS Robot provides detailed and regular insights in the shortest time possible.

It collects data 24/7 on a daily basis.
Correcting navigation records
Валидация данных в системе мониторинга транспорта
Correcting fuel activity records