Safe driving

Safe driving is a fully integrated solution and one of the modules of the MONTRANS. ONLINE software.

It is responsible for controlling and analyzing a person's driving style and sending on-the-spot notifications in case of violations.
Безопасное вождение ГЛОНАСС
Reduction of road accidents, cost reduction, increase in vehicle service life
Мониторинг транспорта
Safe driving adds to reducing accident rates
Accident Reduction
This solution cuts costs for servicing your vehicles, fines and repairs
Cost Saving
Service life of vehicles in your fleet extends
Vehicle lifetime extension
Keep your fleet under the radar
Flex setting system MONTRANS. ONLINE reflects the specificities of the fleet.
Manage assets online
Access vehicle & equipment details using tablets and laptops.

MONTRANS. Analytics offers aggregated analytics dashboard with

Personal accounts
Transparent reports
Traffic police data
Record vital details including
Speed limit (proper driving care or overspeeding)
Hard acceleration and harsh braking
Unsafe driving practices
Cold start and engine overheating
Driving with no seat belt
Side trips
Turning on and off your headlights
Vehicle idle running
Let safe driving system analyse
Driving style
Violations and inappropriate behaviour
Weather conditions
Geozone activity
In the wake of the analysis results, penalty points are calculated thus forming drivers' ratings.
Create driver incentive scheme
Creates a personal account for each employee and adjusts it according to the company policy
Records violations of the traffic rules and etiquette
Calculates driver behaviour score
Personal incentive scheme for drivers:
Key benefits of using the safe driving system
Fuel savings
Potential savings
Individual driving behaviors assessment
Incentive for competition
Freight safekeeping Accident reduction
Freight costs reduction
Less violations

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