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GPS/GLONASS digital fleet management

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GPS/GLONASS digital fleet management

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MONTRANS — built to make your business transparent

Cuts repair costs
Reduces excess mileage
Prevents traffic violations
Lowers car accident rates

Reduce your repair expenses

GLONASS/GPS digital fleet management significantly increases the efficiency fleets both leased or own. MONTRANS ensures total control over vehicles and keeps an eye on drivers 24/7.
Up to 40% of all vehicle fleet costs
Система контроля автопарка
MONTRANS offers not just separate solutions, but one comprehensive approach meeting customers' demands.

We recommend buying the GPS/GLONASS system and using complex solutions for managing fleets. Start implementing MONTRANS ideas to provide easy-to-use fleet management and keep your vehicle units efficient.
Mobile app
Cloud monitoring service

Gain total control of your asset

Control of any parameter of the vehicle
Fuel consumption balance
Cloud management service
Issuing waybills automatically
Video monitoring of violations
Safe driving

Use advanced equipment for any fleet management task

We integrate multifunctional equipment from one of the leading Russian manufacturers of fuel consumption monitoring systems and satellite monitoring of transport and equipment into the fleet control system.

These solutions have rightfully earned a high level of trust among customers. Advanced digital fleet management for a variety of tasks that vehicle managers face.
We track any parameters of the object
GPS \ GLONASS terminal
Fuel level sensor
temperature sensor
Mechanism operation sensor
Tire pressure sensor
Wide variety of ready-to-use solutions
In-house manufacture
Long warranty period
Free test drive
Free equipment replacement

Track every detail in real time

MONTRANS. ONLINE is a service for managing and tracking fleet as well as for controlling fuel consumption in real-time mode.

It closely monitors the work of drivers and fleets, prevents misuse of vehicles, improves driving safety, and controls fuel consumption.
GPS/GLONASS freight control and adjustment of logistic processes
Real-time monitoring of fleet activity and its optimisation
Fuel management, drain and refuelling control
Video monitoring of vehicles by events
The entire fleet, its loading and status on the screen of your monitor.
Программа мониторинга транспорта

Largest fleets in Russia trust our solutions

Join the successful ones!
Клиенты Монтранс
More than 1000 companies in the world have become our clients, including Nornickel, Aeroflot, StroyGazConsulting, AP Gazprom, Schlumberger, Eriell, Transneft, and many others.

Why customers choose MONTRANS digital fleet management

The complex solution provided by MONTRANS includes not just separate telematic components, but represents a fully-featured fleet management system
Montrans - это надёжный партнёр в сфере мониторинга транспорта и управления автопарком.
▸ Wide range of trackers for the GPS/GLONASS monitoring
▸ Fuel level sensors for any type of vehicles
▸ Cloud services and robust fleet analytics
▸ Unique industry solutions
▸ Universal standard of services
▸ Extensive branch network in Russia and abroad
▸ More than 15 years of experience
▸ Equipment warranted for 3 years
▸ First-class satellite fleet management
Connect your vehicles to the digital fleet management and forget about :
Fuel drains
Lingering processing of documents
Fraud at filling stations
Route deviations and misuse of vehicles
Overdue maintenance
Violations of the safety rules
Check if MONTRANS digital fleet management is the right fit
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We have been automating vehicle fleets for over 15 years
Save up to 40%