Video trackers & dash cams

Video monitoring on transport
Increases discipline and self-control of drivers
Monitors the condition of the vehicle, driver and cargo
The equipment installed on the car allows you to track the loading and unloading and movement of goods in real-time, preventing theft, fraud or deviation from the route.
Saves files to the cloud service
Мониторинг транспорта

Video terminal Montrans DVR

Видеомониторинг ГЛОНАСС\GPS
A technological breakthrough in the field of video monitoring of transport - the development of MONTRANS - an intelligent driver assistance system, which also allows you to remotely monitor the actions and condition of the driver.
Recognizes the driver's absence, distraction from the road, talking on the phone, smoking in the car, fatigue.
Displays information on the mini-screen in the form of images (smoking, fatigue, phone, driver's absence, leaving the lane, dangerous approach, pedestrians.
Performs the functions of PCW (Pedestrian Collision Warning), FCW (Forward Collision Warning), and LDW (Lane Departure Warning)
Видеотреминал ГЛОНАСС\GPS
OKO is a satellite transport monitoring system with the function of video recording of events using connected video cameras. OKO works in the HD video loop recording mode, recording can be made simultaneously from four cameras. The terminal records materials and stores them in a video archive for 1-2 months.
View videos in real-time
Request a video for a specific period of time during which a situation requiring control occurred
Automatic loading of video material when configured events occur, for example, when opening doors
Configurable recording period after vehicle ignition is turned off for monitoring events during stops
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