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Track your fleet's expenses with fuel cards

Fleet management solution MONTRANS. Analytics compares refueling volumes and fuel transactions with the actual amount of diesel in tanks using special cards.

Thus fleet managers see details of each transaction where all the data gaps are marked for a proper analysis.
All fuel card transactions in one monitoring system
Контроль топливных карт

Monitoring and analytics

    Track of fuel expenses by driver and vehicle – no more excessive spend
    Reduced report errors
    Automatic revision of fuel bought and consumed
      Контроль заправок по топливным картам
      Fuel card reports are generated automatically just after closing a transaction. The next stage is their upload to the server. Online reports comprise information about the date, time, and place of each purchase. MONTRANS. Analytics draws a comparison between this data and fleet management information, revealing ambiguous transactions.
        Preventing fraud & misuse
        Taking the pressure off employees
        Time saving for data processing

          What to expect from fuel cards?


          Benefits from implementing fuel card management system

          Топливные карты глонасс
          fuel cost cut by
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