Video terminal Montrans OKO

Live video viewing
Automatic video download in case of alarms
A video terminal installed on the car allows you to track the loading and unloading and movement of goods in real-time, preventing theft, fraud or deviation from the route.
Resolution 720p (1280x720)
Video monitoring on transport and stationary objects provides confidence and control over what is happening, regardless of where and under what conditions the equipment works.

Actual data for the investigation of emergency situations, recording violations, theft and damage to property, the actual composition and quality of the work performed - these and other data are supplied by the video monitoring system to the operator's console and recorded in the archive for access to them at a convenient time.
Видеонаблюдение на транспорте
Main functions
✔ Automatic download of video material when configured events occur, for example, when doors are opened

✔ Request video for a specific time period during which a situation requiring monitoring has occurred

✔ Configurable recording period after vehicle ignition is turned off to monitor events during stops

✔ View videos in real time as part of a security policy or control activity
The terminal supports up to 4 video cameras intended for installation both in the cabin and outside of it. They can capture events in high resolution and high quality.

✔ Video compression format*. h264.
✔ Video volume is 5 MB per minute.
✔ Video recording quality of 1024 kbps.
✔ The 720p resolution (1280x720).
✔ The number of frames is 15/sec.
✔ Supports two 256GB SD cards
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