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Satellite monitoring of commercial vehicles
Light commercial vehicles are used for various tasks of small and medium-sized businesses, primarily for cargo transportation within the city and to other settlements. In this case, it is important to regularly monitor the speed mode, fuel level, routes traveled by the vehicle and other indicators.

Modern solution for monitoring commercial vehicles - Montrans M-1 terminal and reliable fuel sensor. The devices will provide effective control of fleet operation: gasoline consumption, cargo location.

You can order monitoring equipment online on our website or by phone 8 800 200 911-0.
Our experienced managers will help you choose the device depending on the type of passenger vehicle and the upcoming operating conditions.

GLONASS/GPS monitoring of light commercial vehicles

GLONASS/GPS monitoring systems solve the following tasks:

You can monitor the location of the vehicle in real time from any device that has access to the Internet.
Thanks to the installation of fuel level sensors you will know exactly how much fuel was spent, what was the average consumption, volume, time, place of drains and refueling.

Installing a mechanism operation sensor will allow you to know how much each unit of the fleet is actually working.

Our system will allow you to control the actual visit of contractors. Often, even with a tight working schedule, drivers manage to find time for 2-hour lunches at home, sleep, solve personal tasks and problems. All this leads to dissatisfaction on the part of contractors, fines, penalties and even the breakdown of contractual relations - deadlines are not met, and competitors are not slumbering. Installation of GLONASS/GPS-terminals will allow you to maximize the use of equipment.