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Satellite monitoring of diesel locomotives and other railway vehicles

In the absence of proper control, industrial railroad transportation companies experience problems such as:
- fuel theft
- inappropriate use of diesel locomotives
- idle time
- rapid wear resistance of diesel locomotives

A rational solution to improve the economic efficiency of diesel locomotives is the introduction of GLONASS/GPS monitoring system.
Hour monitoring sensor with acoustic sensor
Glonass diesel locomotive
To increase the economic efficiency of the company's work, the Montrans GLONASS/GPS monitoring system is installed. Telematics allows for prompt transmission of data on locomotive location, fuel consumption and residual fuel, speed and direction of its movement.
The railway transportation monitoring system keeps track of idle time and the number of motor-hours, as well as generates reports on the work of the diesel locomotive fleet and locomotive crews. Fuel for locomotive rolling stock is supplied of much higher quality than ordinary diesel fuel. Therefore, there is always a high demand for locomotive diesel fuel on the fuel black market and, accordingly, an increased interest in fraud on the part of drivers and enterprise personnel.

Set of equipment for monitoring railway transportation

Fuel volume indicator LLD
GPS/GLONASS terminal
Digital fuel level sensor
Digital fuel level sensor
Fuel volume indicator LLD
Hour monitoring sensor with acoustic sensor
Video Surveillance Kit
Video Surveillance Kit

Example of a realized project

As a result of the installation of the monitoring system, the company's management was able to control:
- fuel drains of more than 5 liters
- refueling volumes
- fuel residues
- idling time
- fuel consumption per hour and per shift
- travel routes
Yakovlevsky Mining and Processing Plant (Severstal). Belgorod Region.
Yakovlevsky GOK
Control of diesel locomotive TEM2
Diesel locomotive TEM2-UM
Total volume of diesel locomotive tanks: 6350 liters (2 tanks of 3175 liters each).

The equipment that's being equipped

Montrans M-3 navigation terminal
Montrans fuel sensors
(8 pcs., 2 sensors in each tank).
Montrans fuel volume indicator
Motor hours control sensor with acoustic sensor (2 pcs.)
Vandal-proof box (2 pcs.)
Voltage converter 110 volts - 24 volts (2 pcs.).

Set of equipment installed on diesel locomotive

According to the company's calculations, the savings from the implementation of GLONASS/GPS monitoring of railway transport on only one locomotive is up to 240,000 rubles per year