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Semitrailer control

Semitrailer monitoring
Axle load control
Tire pressure monitoring
In regard to semitrailers monitoring is usually carried out in many respects such as fuel consumption, amount of machine-hours, axle load, tire pressure, opened/closed doors and control over the temperature inside refrigerators.
Refrigerator monitoring
Мониторинг транспорта
мониторинг давления в шинах
Tire pressure sensors head out their data to the satellite-based MONTRANS tracker. Afterwards, the display inside the driver's cabin and the cloud management service collect this data. Thus, business managers get a chance to closely observe the performance of the entire fleet.
Real-time tracking of tire pressure and temperature
Controlling up to 42 wheels
Visual alerts at revealing wheels in critical state
Automatic record of 10 last critical readings
мониторинг нагрузки на ось
Axle load sensors (on-board monitoring system) are among the most popular ways to weigh loads without using a check weigher or another device with similar functions. Implementing this solution means carrying scales with you on a regular basis.
Makes load weighing simple
Eliminates cases or unauthorised load transportation
Prevents vehicle overwear and part damage
Rules out load losses
Контроль температуры рефрежератора
Universal adapter-recorders are connected to refrigerator system controllers in the standard way. These devices collect data directly from the set-up control unit without resorting to other sensors. The information processed heads out to the on-board digital fleet management device.
Legal measuring system
Emergency alerts for drivers and dispatchers
Multi-temperature refrigerator support
Up to 6 temperature sensors enhanced accuracy devices included
Датчик открытия двери
This solution prevents cases of truck trespass thus saving loads from theft. In regard to refrigerators, door opening sensors ensure control over door movements and reduce expenses of maintaining a certain temperature inside the refrigerator.
Installation on any means of semitrailers
Trespass prevention
Reduces costs of maintaining certain temperature inside the refrigerator
Connects directly to the satellite fleet management tracker