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Modern equipment for transportation monitoring, fuel control and video surveillance

Multifunctional equipment from one of the leading Russian manufacturers of transport monitoring equipment, which has rightfully earned a high level of trust from customers
More than 300 types of equipment

GPS/GLONASS terminals

Devices for remote control of mobile objects. The device receives location data using GLONASS and GPS satellite signals

On-board terminal transmits to the office server information about the location of the car, driving style, traffic violations, and other parameters for monitoring. Company specialists will consult and select the optimal GPS / GLONASS terminal for your fleet.
Glonass terminal Montrans

Fuel control

Frequent underfilling of fuel in the tank, providing "false" checks, draining fuel from the tank or from the "return" - all this is familiar to many managers.

Fuel control equipment can protect the company from such cases. Driver discipline becomes better, and they can effectively perform their direct duties!
Fuel level sensor - Montrans

GLONASS/GPS video terminals

Video monitoring in transportation and fixed sites provides confidence and control over what is happening
regardless of where and under what conditions the equipment is operating.

Actual data for investigation of abnormal situations, recording of violations, theft and property damage,
actual composition and quality of work performed - these and other data are supplied by the video monitoring system to the operator's desk and recorded in the archive for the operator.
to the operator's console and records them in the archive for access at any convenient time.
Video terminals

FMS Montrans

The enterprise fuel cycle has never been more transparent.

FMS is the latest automated fuel distribution management and control system that can help your organization improve accountability and achieve significant cost savings.
Fuel monitoring system (FMS MONTRANS)

Axle load monitoring

Axle load sensors (on-board weight monitoring systems) are one of the most modern ways to weigh a load without using checkweighers and other equipment with similar functionality. Your vehicle will always carry a "scale" with you.
Axle load monitoring can be used on all types of suspensions: mechanical (spring), hydraulic and pneumatic.
Axle load sensors are integrated into the vehicle suspension for direct readings. The data is displayed on the vehicle monitoring terminals.
Axle load monitoring

Tire pressure monitoring system

Knowing the tire pressure is essential for safe driving, saving fuel consumption and reducing chassis repair costs. MONTRANS solutions allow you to monitor and alert you when it changes.

Not so long ago, drivers had to manually check the pressure in all tires, which was time-consuming and the readings were not always accurate. Today, a tire pressure monitoring system helps fleets get rid of this headache. The tire pressure monitoring system uses pressure sensors to transmit tire pressure readings to the MONTRANS terminal, and from the terminal the data is sent to a display in the vehicle cab and to a cloud service.
Tire pressure monitoring system

Semitrailer control

Today, semi-trailers are an important element in the transportation system and the subject of satellite monitoring.

Semitrailers are monitored for many parameters, such as: fuel consumption, number of engine hours, axle load, tire pressure, opening/closing of doors, temperature control in refrigerators and control of the refrigeration unit engine (RCE).
With this data in the MONTRANS monitoring system, managers can build their business more efficiently.
Semitrailer inspection

Alcohol Ignition Interlock

Alcohol ignition interlocks or breathalyzers are a solution for driver sobriety monitoring. Alcohol ignition interlocks are breathalyzers that integrate into the vehicle's ignition system and block the engine from starting if alcohol is detected in the driver's breath.

Breathalyzers can help protect personnel, passengers and cargo from the risk of alcohol-impaired accidents.


The main parameters of vehicle monitoring are: location, distance traveled and fuel consumption. But for a complete picture of the vehicles' performance, a number of other indicators are required.

Installation of additional sensors allows you to achieve full transparency in the activities of the fleet and receive analytical reports on the efficiency of the enterprise.
GLONASS detectors

Additional sensors

Digital or analog devices for transmitting information about the operation of additional units of vehicles. Used in GPS/GLONASS transportation monitoring system
Optional glonass/gps sensors