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The main parameters of vehicle monitoring are: location, distance travelled and fuel consumption. However, a number of other indicators are required for a complete picture of how the vehicles work.
The installation of additional sensors allows you to achieve complete transparency in the activities of the fleet and receive analytical reports on the efficiency of the enterprise.
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Мониторинг транспорта
An RFID-reader is a scanner that uses radio frequency identification technology to read, recognize, and transmit information recorded on a chip to special software.

The devices are used to identify the driver. Employees have personal electronic cards or chips. The accounting system is configured so that the driver can only travel in a specific car.

At the same time, the dispatcher displays data: when the employee started working and how much time they spent driving. In addition, it is possible to use this technology for anti-theft purposes. The "keys" of the cards are recorded in the terminal's memory, and the engine simply will not start if the driver does not attach one of the "trusted" cards.

MONTRANS RFID-readers help you monitor employees' working hours and automate control and accounting processes.


RFID метки