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Спутниковый терминал GPS\ГЛОНАСС WIFI

Professional weather station

It collects and processes weather data about the environment within a radius of up to 20 km. The station is used by employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, builders, agronomists and even university professors.

Getting to know the weather station

Weather station is a modern, versatile and cost-effective weather station that can measure basic weather parameters:


  • 2 years warranty
  • Equipment delivery within 3 days
  • 14 days warranty service
  • 24×7 technical support
  • Proprietary software and cloud server
  • The station is certified in 8 countries
  • Measures temperatures from -60°C to +55°C
Спутниковый терминал Montrans M-5 WiFi

Proprietary environmental monitoring platform

Collects, archives and analyzes data to transform it into handy dashboards for managers. Try the demo version for free!